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Biochip c.-Speedfreak.Discography The Speedfreak is one of my favourite hardcore/techno dj's.Here's where you can find a very big discography about this German dj born as Martin Damm.

Topa flyers Here you can view a part of my flyercollection of club Topa.

Giel Beelen site This is a website by Dutch number one radio-deejay Giel Beelen. He is the most controversial radio-deejay that we've got here in the Netherlands.

Phronk.comA great site by a mentally ill patient..

LSDB.NLGreat collection of dj sets from every style thinkable.
Giel Beelen LinkX My overview collection of websites from and about Dutch radio-deejay Giel Beelen.

Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults A nice many illistrated site about drugs. In contradiction to lots of others here it is easy to download/C&P drugpics.