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That's life

Since there is nothing new most of the time and due to the fact that it IS needed to post something new on this site every now and then, I will talk a bit about my life and it's boringness on an iregular bases. Starting today......

Friday 8th February

Today was a not that unusual day; I got up and went to my job and after that logged into Pyroto.com to read what my American buddies had posted since the last time I was over there. After that went to my speeddealer to get some speed for a friend who'd ordered some. After that went to another friend where we talked some about a bunch of stuff involving his depression. Went home and ate and slept for half an hour after that went to the place where my computer is at to do some zigzag surfing on the web. Got called by someone else who also needed some druggies...Got them and delivered them and by now the day is over already and I am waiting for the morniglight to hit my eyes while I am currently online at Pyroto again.

  Saturday 9th of february

Saturday started like friday ended and I didn't even got home. The wheather together with the addictiveness of some stupid Arcade games and a few times logging in at Pyroto and a small talk with an internet buddy kept me at the place where my computer is at untill 21.45. I then had an 'appointment' to come over to a friend (a bit of a friend since he is considered to be one of the most egoistic and cheap and not to be trusted persons I and with me a few of my real friends know and have known in their lives) The biggest reason to actually Go is due to the fact that at Saturdaynights there comes one of the few television programms I defenitely want to see..namely the Tom Green Show..I think he is one of the funnier Americanlike television persons that i have seen the last years..Altough he is Canadian..But I count that as USA also since when Bush wants something done there..It'll be done...Where was I??? Another reason was the fact that he already had bothered me at my computerspace to 'lend' some druggies and pay later but since I have been too easy with this and the fact that he never has any money...I said friday to him that this couldn't be but now that I know that he'll get some money from someone I got some for him anyway.
Well stayed there for 2,5 hours and after that had to phone somebody up..Wasn't able to reach him and therefore drove to his place..But no-one which meant that I was going to take some druggies myself and wait 40 minutes till he probably was home...But then it started to rain in an extremely heavy way for +/- 3 hours.....Later got a fresh nose outside on my weekend drive..But since I somehow was cold I went back after only 40 minutes...And after that was able to sleep some (3 hours) at the computer place....That was my boring Saturday..I am 100% sure that next week can't be more boring....See ya!!

  Monday 11 till thursday 14 february

Well these last days weren't that fun..I experienced a lot of misery and shitty things. Called a friend who suddenly told me he didn't want to have anything to do with me again since he found out that I had told someone eles something personal about him...I did that indeed but it was neccesary to let someone else comprand that that person was wrong with the ideas he had of my friend. Unfortunately he slipped it when talking to my friend and someone else and sine then my friend doesn't want to anything to dith me...At first I thought I was to blame..But I now see that this 'friend' couldn't be an actual friend cause otherwise he wouldn't have treated me like that. As for the rest that happened..It took me some time but I finally put a clock on my site (About Page) on which the time of my city is on....More stuff soon..

  Still Alive..It Seems/February-14th of August Gee...It has been almost 6 months since I posted something out of my real life here. The last months have been kinda worthless since I didn't do squad. My speeddealer's supplier got arrested with a few ounces of cocaine, speed and a baby-Uzi found in the apartment and although I didn't know who it was I made a guess and my SD said I was right...The person in question was sitting at a small cafetaria most of the times playing on a fruit machine...Weird that this man was that big and certainly had the best quality of speed of Eindhoven(NL)/220.000 citizens..and for that long. I guess the first time I got stuff of him has to be around '96. Another mentionable thingy was the anniversary of the 9th year that I use speed. On the 12th of june 2003 the decade will be full..When I'm still alive that is. Holidays are over and the job is again taking in my time. One good thing though and that is that it has been 3 months or so that I based cocaine for the last time....More to come...sometime later on

...august-29 december
The year is almost over and all in all I can't say that I really made a progress over the last 12 months. Just as in the last 'report' I have been a good boy in staying away from the coke. I made a small mistake but I fortunately didn't fall back in old habbits. Elections are here next month and we are currently having the warmest winter in years...and like today...also one of the wettest ones:(

December 29th 2002 till Februaru 2oth 2003

Since the … of January I’m writing the nodules of a radio program called ‘De Hele Week Up Met Giel Beelen’. It has got Netherlands most controversial radio-dj Giel Beelen presenting it. this dj was sacked by a few networks for calling Adolf Hitler’s book ‘Mein kampf’’ the best book he ever read and for calling people up to send powder filled letters to a network in the time when the Anthrax thread was in the news. Also in the first year he presented programs on the radio he was orally satisfied by a hooker live in his program. Further more he had a program called ‘the Dope Show’ in which he every week tried out another illegal drug also live in the studio.

All this made the network he currently is working for ban him to a difficult broadcast hour namely from 4 till 6 o’clock in the morning. A few months he came up with the idea to let listeners make notulen from the program so he could place the on his weblog at www.giel.blogspot.com